Agri Fertility – Sepia 200c

GH Agri Fertility Management Programme


It is now widely recognised that reduced fertility in dairy herds is one of the most important factors affecting producer profitability as the results can cause prolonged calving intervals, less milk, fewer calves and reduced fertility at next breeding season.

Poor Agri fertility is a multi-factorial problem which can have a devastating effect on farm incomes. When trying to
increase Agri fertility at herd level farmers should consider the vast range of possible factors, from infection and retained placenta to genetic problems and injury.

Our Fertility product Sepia has been used on farms in Ireland and across the UK since 1989. Customers come to us looking to improve their animals fertility, creating better output and increase their income. GH AGRI work with all our customers to get the best output possible and we will always be on the other end of the phone to answer any queries you may have. When purchasing our Sepia programme, customers will receive a full free 12 month backup programme that will entitle you to technical support 365 days of the year. Our dedicated team are always on hand to try get you the best results possible.

Agri fertility

Directions for use:

Treatment: 10ml orally or directly to drinking water 2 weeks before cows come bulling

Rotating treatment: 8ml per cow per month orally or directly in drinking water

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