Bovi BLI Complex 3-in-1 (BVD, Lepto, IBR)

BVD, Leptospirosis & IBR 3-in-1 Herd Health Immunisation Program


  • BVD
  • Leptospirosis
  • IBR or Salmonella

The Programme provides a disease specific herd immunisation boost which will promote BVD Free Status in addition to tackling Leptospirosis and Infectious Bovine Rhinotracheitis – IBR or Salmonella.

Our best selling 3-in-1 Programmes provide tangible and fast-acting results

Donie Aherne, farms 84Ha in Kilteely, North Limerick, 80 sucklers, 86 0-1yr and 59 1-2 yr olds “A customised BVD 3-in-1 Programme has kept my farm and my bottom line healthy, I rarely have the vet anymore and get a fantastic back-up service from GH ”.

Bovine Viral Diarrhoea (BVD) is a highly contagious viral disease of cattle that can be transmitted as easily as the common cold. It can be spread directly by infected animals, or indirectly, for example via slurry and contaminated visitors or equipment. Most infections with BVD are Transient Infections with no obvious clinical signs.

Bovine Leptospirosis is a highly infectious bacterial disease with over 70% of Irish dairy herds and 80% of beef herdsIBR, BVD, Lepto, Salmonella, BOVI.BLI.Complex, 3in1, GH AGRI infected. The disease can easily spread and is dangerous to humans.

Spread mainly by infected cattle but can also be spread by other infected carriers such as sheep and rodents. Bought in animals such as breeding bulls and replacement heifers may appear perfectly healthy but may introduce the disease to a herd.

Infectious Bovine Rhinotracheitis – IBR remains a common cause of respiratory disease cattle in Ireland; it is likely that the disease is now endemic in the national herd.

Once an animal has become infected, it remains infected for life, despite the development of an effective immune response. All ages of animals are potentially at risk.

Part of any effective BVD Eradication Program.

Directions for Use for Annual Herd Protection

Preventative:             10ml per animal per month orally or in drinking water for 4 months

Treatment:                 10ml orally for 3-5 days

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IBR, BVD, Lepto, Salmonella, BOVI.BLI.Complex, 3in1, GH AGRI