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An integral part of any healthy animal foot management program, Hoof Klenz is a gentle but effective organically produced Foot Bath.

A 100% natural solution which will cleanse, prime and ensure optimum hoof and thus animal health in all cloven hoofed animals.

Hoof Klenz is diluted at different rates depending on the target species.

Directions for use:

Cattle: Use at a rate of 50:1, i.e. 2 litres per 100 litres of water when filling footbath. Walk animals through for first 3 consecutive days, repeating on a 14 day cycle. Top-up bath a 1% and from fresh, when soiled, at 50:1. On problem hooves spray a 5:1, i.e. cows with ulcers and sore feet at pairing.

Sheep / Goats: Walk sheep through a 50:1 solution on a regular basis. On problem hooves use a hand sprayer and apply at rate of 5:1

Pigs: Hoofklenz can be used by walking pigs through 50:1 Solution every 2 or 3 weeks.

Good foot-management

Point 1. Ensure bath is kept reasonable clear of soiled material.

Point 2. Ensure there is sufficient depth of solution in bath to cover effected regions.

Point 3. Hoofklenz is not the total solution to feet and foot problems. regular pairing will also benefit in foot management.

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Pat Aherne From Cork uses our HoofKlenz and AirKlenz products on his Farm.

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