Super Crop – Grass and Crop Fertilizer

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Product Description

Super Crop – High Performing Grass & Plants

Our scientifically proven Seaweed Based fertilizer combines Irish seaweed harvested off the south-west coast, plant minerals, vitamins and trace elements with specific homeopathic remedies which will increase plant resistance to disease and stress and produce stronger healthier grass and crops.

Super Crop is 100% natural and regular application will result in Healthier Soil; improved soil structure, condition and more worms and soil aerating insects.

Our patented formula can be applied directly as a folio feed, through the water irrigation system  or as a slurry additive and has proven results for use on grass and pasture, fruit trees and shrubs, root crops, flowers and house plants.

GH AgriHealth MD Kevin McHugh has a lifetime of experiences in the business of farming and believes  the farm as a fortress approach to protecting against disease and infection.

“Many diseases and infections can be prevented by an aggressive bio-security plan, which I encourage every customer consider. Some farmers still associate disinfection measures with the foot and mouth outbreak but cross-contamination remains the biggest risk to Irish farms and you cannot be too careful. GH AgriHealth is in the business of disease prevention and treatment but with good planning and control on-farm problems can be kept to a minimum.”

  • New animals bought from the mart and bulls brought in checked and certified disease-free and even then isolated from your herd until you are confident they are in full health.
  • Strong and secure fencing will protect against foxes and badgers which spread disease and infections from neighbouring animals keep herds from accessing infected water supplies.
  • Regular yard cleaning and maintenance will reduce rodents and eliminate disease causing bacteria and viruses.
  • Supercrop


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