About us – GH AGRI

What we do


GH AGRI is in the Farm Health Business – we research, manufacture and sell directly, a range of Preventative Immunisation Programmes which control and treat various on-farm disease and ailments.

From our best selling homeopathic based Programmes treating Mastitis, IBR Lepto & BVD  & a range of other ailments; to our patented vitamin and mineral supplements & organic cleansers and seaweed fertilizer.

Our main target markets are large commercial dairy and beef farmers but we treat individual farm animals of all shapes and sizes.

Our farmyard detergents and cleansers, udder sprays and homeopathic concentrates will provide a one-stop programme for the treatment and prevention of mastitis and high cell count in dairy cows – Our products are 100% natural are perfectly safe for the animals, the farmer and the food chain.

Using antibiotics, pharmaceutical medicines and chemicals will mean a farmer has to restrict entry into the food chain; milk has to be dumped for up to 3-4 days when antibiotics are used for treating mastitis; antibiotic treated beef herds held for months longer, which in turn increases risk of exposure to more disease.

What make us different?

  • Launch of Ireland’s only natural mastitis prevention and treatment package.GH AGRI
  • One of the key differences is that we are 100% natural and our products are approved by the Irish Organic Farmers Association. This is good for the animals, the farmer and the end consumer.
  • GH AGRI is the only company in Ireland licensed to manufacture and supply homeopathic veterinary medicine
  • We are licensed by

Department of Agriculture and Food – manufacture, retail & wholesale

-Health Products Regulatory Authority

-Irish Organic Farmers Association

-Also licensed by the Veterinary Medical Directorate in the UKawards

  • Continuing dedication to quality standards, compliance and licensing commitments GH AGRI is a licenced GMP facility; We have several staff dedicated to product safety & testing, traceability and all the paperwork that accompanies the responsibility of manufacturing products used for treating food producing animals.